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Prize pool:
RUB 500000
26.10. 00:00 - 02.11 00:00
Tournament games 11
Paid places 20
Don't be scared of vampires and zombies! The worst thing on Halloween is to miss Vulkan Vegas tournament. The generous "Halloween" competition will bring participants something sweeter than candy — cash prizes. Do you want to become one of the big wins owners? No need to turn into a vampire! Take part in the contest, run one of 16 games and get rich. Good luck!

To take part in the tournament, click on the button "Participate" before making bets.
The next step is qualification: 10 rounds from real balance. Choose any tournament game and play the stated amount of rounds in real money game mode. The counter in the widget will tell you how many qualification rounds left.
After qualification is passed, each of your RUB 100 of wins for the real balance bets will bring you a 1 point score. The more wins you get, the higher is your place in the tournament table.
Good luck!
Place Player
Tournament games 11